Established in 1857

The first vines were planted on the Hoffmann Vineyard in the 1880’s and sold to the Seppelt family at Seppeltsfield.

Today the oldest surviving vines on the property exist on the Dallwitz Block, a 20-hectare block considered to be the jewel in the crown.  Adrian’s grandfather, Gordon, purchased this block in 1954, and it came with treasured old Shiraz vines, planted between 1888 to 1912.

The Hoffmann family are specialists in growing premium Shiraz with 75 percent of their vineyard planted to the variety.  During the 1990’s, it became apparent that premium Shiraz was in high demand from Ebenezer, and with their finger on the pulse, the Hoffmann family started to add to their existing vineyard with new plantings.

Experimenting with different crops and animals for over 160 years has resulted in the Hoffmann family knowing the property intimately.  From block to block, row to row, Adrian intuitively knows where vines flourish, and where they struggle.  Managed as 20 individual sites within 135 hectares, Adrian can achieve different styles within a single block by controlling yield levels and managing vine canopies.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, and over the years, the Hoffmann family has experienced their fair share of setbacks.  Most of which have related to the extreme marginal nature of Northern Barossa; where viticultural limits are pushed, and generational knowledge of the land is crucial for survival.

These challenges have only made the family more resilient, and inspired Adrian to introduce tools to future-proof the vineyard; from frost fans to drought proofing in the vineyard, to adaptive pruning and vine training techniques; this is what Adrian describes as next level viticulture.

While challenging, Adrian understands that such extremes means the fruition of unique parcels of wine, and the higher the risk, the higher the gain.


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